Batch# JB18/4 (MGO829+)

From The Coromandel

This peninsula extends north from the Bay of Plenty and is marked by high ranges and pristine beaches. More than the bay’s fair share of sun for much of the year, so avocado, citrus, kiwifruit, nuts, and even subtropical fruits flourish here, and many growers adopt organic practices. Keep an eye out for the ubiquitous unmanned fruit stands accompanied by "honesty boxes."


It is a sparsely populated but is attractive to those who wish to be close to Nature, off-the-grid, alternative lifestylers, and to beekeepers.  There are many small beekeeping operations in the area, but there is bountiful food source for the bees and this area often produces very high grade manuka honey.  Harvest typically in in late Spring - October-November.

Consumers report many benefits from Manuka Emporium honey ranging from healing sore throats and digestive illnesses, to curing Staph infections and gingivitis. It has Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant qualities.


Taste Notes : Intense and rich flavour.  Slightly bitter aftertaste. Flavour and aroma of damp earth, with mineral and truffle heart notes.  Try on bread or a cracker beside a salty or savoury food such as peanut butter, and a full bodied red wine or single malt whisky ……– ‘wow’ your tastebuds.