One of the many signs that indicate your body is working too hard is when you fall sick, commonly with cold, fever, flu, sore throat and equivalent. Do you know that is it scientifically proven that Manuka honey that is high with MGO can fasten the healing process and boost your immune system? Yes, you read that correctly! Even if you are not sick, consuming Manuka honey can help to prevent you from getting sick by building up the inner energy that makes your body stronger.

Typically, Manuka honey is safe to consume even for children. However, because of the high level of natural sugar in Manuka honey, a certain group of consumers MUST get doctor’s approval before starting to consume Manuka honey. These group of people include:

People with diabetes - consuming manuka honey may affect blood sugar levels.

Those allergic to honey or bees - allergic reaction may occur after consuming or applying manuka honey.

Infants – It is not recommended to give honey to babies younger than one due to the risk of infant botulism, a type of foodborne illness.

Here’s how we can use Manuka honey when our body is crying for help at home:

Prevent Indigestion and Improve Immune System

There is plenty of scientific research and studies that show the high anti-bacterial particles in Manuka honey are proven to prevent indigestion and boost the immune system. How do we reap the digestive benefits of Manuka honey? Take it with your favourite foods of course!

Eat 1 to 2 tablespoons each day on its own or add it to your meal plan for a wholesome experience. Trust us, you will be able to see and feel the difference within weeks.

Aside from improving our immune system, Manuka honey is also proven to be the alternative cure for indigestion caused by Clostridium difficile, often called C. diff, which is a type of bacterial infection that causes severe diarrhea and inflammation of the bowel.

According to scientific research, Manuka honey can kill C. diff thus making it a possible and reliable type of treatment.

Excellent Treatment for Wound Care

If you are prone to minor accidents (like some of us), you may want to use Manuka honey to treat your minor scrapes and cuts. It is no longer an alternative but a must-know knowledge as mankind has been using Manuka honey as a medicine throughout the history of the human race due to its antimicrobial properties that could kill wound pathogens.

Read more about the research of honey as a wound treatment alternative here.

You should be able to determine the amount of honey necessary by assessing the amount of fluids leaking from the wound. The more leakage, the more honey you should use to dress the area. However, you must remember NOT to apply honey directly to your wound but instead apply it to a bandage and carefully place onto the wound. Using sealed or waterproof dressing may help keep the honey from spreading outside of the bandaged area

Effective Cure for Sore Throat, Cold and Flu

Honey is not only sweet and delicious but also a good remedy for sore throat, cold and flu. Research shows that due to its high antiviral and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey can reduce inflammation and attack the bacteria that cause pain giving us instant relief to the tired body and increase our immune system.

Not only does manuka honey attack harmful bacteria, but it also coats the inner lining of the throat for a soothing effect and helps to suppress coughing thus prevent one from having irritation on the throat that can lead to tightness in the chest area.

The high sugar content dehydrates bacteria by producing hydrogen peroxide and other antibacterial chemicals. Honey has been shown to speed up the growth of body tissues by helping to form new blood vessels, collagen and epithelial cells. Taking honey and mixing it in with other herbs, fruits and foods can help enhance healing properties.

A hot honey lemon tea for example is the perfect instant remedy when you’re having bad flu and cold. You may also take honey with cinnamon or ginger to help boost your immune system and prevent any unwanted sickness.

Oral Health

Falling sick is bad but falling sick and having a bad oral health problem is worse! Research has shown that manuka honey with high antibacterial activity is effective at inhibiting the growth of harmful oral bacteria like P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans.

For some people, the idea of consuming honey for good oral health may seem strange and ineffective because, for all of our lives, we have been told that consuming too many sweets can lead to cavities. However, unlike candy and refined sugar, manuka honey’s potent antibacterial effects make it unlikely to contribute to cavities or tooth decay.

It minimizes bad oral bacteria that can cause plaque formation and at the same time, help to preserve the good oral bacteria that are responsible for keeping your mouth healthy.